Developing Program Managers, Project Managers, Systems Engineers and Leaders

Refund Policy for Webinars: 

A full refund will be made upon notice by the enrollee up to two weeks before the commencement of the webinar.  The request for the refund must be made in writing through email.

In the event an enrollee cannot attend the cohort for which they were registered after the two week deadline, they may enroll/attend a subsequent offering without paying for the webinar again if the attendance is within one year of the date of the original webinar for which they were enrolled.  The offering of subsequent webinars is contingent upon a minimum attendance for each webinar.  For this reason, GEMSOC LLC cannot guarantee the offering of subsequent webinars.

In the event an enrollee is unable to attend all eight module for which they were enrolled, the enrollee will have the option to make up the missed modules during the next offering.  A request by email must be sent to at least 24 hours in advance of the module offering and an invite for the module will be returned by email.  In exceptional cases the enrollee may make up the missed modules through the completion of an assignment which will demonstrate that the individual has covered the material through a reading and/or written assignment which must be negotiated with the President of GEMSOC LLC.

Seminar Refund Policy:

Seminars are one time events, therefore, if a participant misses a seminar for a valid reason, GEMSOC my return half of the fees after a written request to the President of GEMSOC.